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Fallout fan creates series' most detailed timeline yet


"One of my boring, pointless hobbies is making lists, recently these lists have been timelines," Connor Rawlings begins a reddit post by stating. "Thus I present perhaps the most in-depth timeline of the whole canon Fallout series." That's a huge claim, but one which - somewhat incredibly - seems to...

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Fallout: Wasteland Warfare RPG returns to Fallout s tabletop roots

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Way back in the forgotten times of glossy paper games magazines, I remember my first exposure to what would become Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game. Early previews said Fallout was going to be a PC showcase of the GURPS pen-and-paper RPG system, but it grew into its own thing. Now, tabletop...

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This animated chart of the most played Steam games is unreasonably absorbing

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

I’m not big into numberwang. Vast numbers of people playing a game might indicate that it’s fun, or it might indicate that it’s Ark: Survival Evolved. (I haven’t played Ark and it could be amazing, this is irresponsible journalism and I will hand in my badge and gun shortly...

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Hey Leute!

Willkommen auf der noch nicht ganz fertigen Jeuner Playz Seite. Die Seite ist in erster Linie für meine Freunde und mich gedacht. Wenn es mir die Zeit erlaubt, dann baue ich die Seite noch etwas weiter aus... schauen wir mal was geht.

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