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Wie viel Spieler sind täglich in Fallout: New Vegas online? Die Grafik gibt Dir die Antwort!

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Fallout New California mod launches after seven years in development


It's time for another Fallout story! Only on this occasion it's about New Vegas rather than Fallout 76, so you can put those pitchforks away. If you need something to scratch the single-player Fallout itch, you might want to check out Fallout New California - a New Vegas mod seven years in the makin...

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Some Little Things I ve Loved In RPGs, Vol 1

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

One of the main reasons I got into RPGs back in the day was that if you bought one, you were getting a lot of game for your money. That was important when there was only one birthday and one Christmas a year, and not much chance that some relative might pop their clogs in sync with Ultima VI coming ...

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Is It Important That Fallout 4 s World Lacks Credibility?

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

So I’m wandering through Fallout 4 , and I come across this old diner, sitting there, neon still lit, almost jaunty in a destroyed land. There’s a guy outside called Wolfgang, a leathered drug dealer, who explains that a mother and son have set up a shop in this diner, and that he wants ...

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Hey Leute!

Willkommen auf der noch nicht ganz fertigen Jeuner Playz Seite. Die Seite ist in erster Linie für meine Freunde und mich gedacht. Wenn es mir die Zeit erlaubt, dann baue ich die Seite noch etwas weiter aus... schauen wir mal was geht.

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